NVIDIA and Gearbox to Announce Something Special at PDXLAN 2012

Nvidia and Gearbox are preparing to announce something special at the 19th PDXLAN Event. The event starts from Feb 17- Feb 20 which would be held at the Portland Airport, USA.

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Letros2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Hmm Borderlands 2 PhysX support? Probably something bigger than that though...

NYC_Gamer2258d ago

It's a rumour going around that it will be running on the gk104

Pain_Killer2258d ago

Nvidia also showcased the GeForce GTX580 at 2010's PDXLAN, The didn't disclose the name of the GPU but only presented a demonstration of its new DX11/Tessellation features along with the new vapor chamber cooling design.

It could be a new Gearbox Title such as Borderlands 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines or Duke Nukem ( :P ) which utilizes PhysX Technology. I think it would be a backstage demonstration with limited guests and journalists. I am hoping to finally see some real info on Kepler :D

Orpheus2258d ago

Im waiting for better fluid dynamics , spongy or soft bodies rather than broken glass or particles the first metro trailer , the black and white one .... spongy things are shown ... and blood spills in incredibly realistic way...

ninjahunter2257d ago

._. Maby they could make a nvidia exclusive game :3 All dat optimization.