Games That Make the Best Use of "Time"

This week is our "Chrono Trigger" week and besides for the fan art and music features we are taking a look at games that make interesting use of "time" in gameplay or storyline.

This is part one in a series as we take a look at close to twenty different unique games throughout Time. Sorry, bad joke.

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Jirachi2198d ago

Imo Radiant historia and dark cloud 2 and chrono trigger use time travel best most of the rest only go through 2 time periods

WildArmed2197d ago

Yeah, I haven't played radiant Historia, but I agree w/ DC2 n CT being the best use of time travel. CT had an amazing diversity among locales, this made time travel really fun and memorable.

Thou Braid used the concept of time very uniquely -- extremely tied to the gameplay.

Eamon2197d ago

I haven't played Radiant Historia and Dark Cloud 2 but I believe Chrono Trigger go through a number of time periods.

There's prehistoric time where people lived like cavemen.
There's the ancient past where people lived in the sky.
There's the medieval-esque period where Marle's ancestors ruled.
There's modern period where Crono was born.
There's the time period where Lavos appears
And finally the post-apocalyptic time period.
Ah and there was also the End of Time lol

Burning_Finger2197d ago

hmmm Ephemeral Fantasia. nuff said.

Capt-FuzzyPants2197d ago

Dark Cloud 2 was amazing. I loved that game.

B_Rian892197d ago

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time had some really fun puzzles based around "time"

Canary2197d ago

Definitely Majora's Mask. It had a profound effect on both narrative and gameplay that no other game even begins to approach.

The two closest titles would be, I think, Prince of Persia when it comes to incorporating time travel to gameplay mechanics and (of course) the Legacy of Kain series when it comes to incorporating time travel to the narrative.

Menashe2197d ago

The time mechanic in Majora's Mask ruined the game for me. I love the dark setting, the pervading atmosphere, and the oddball characters. But, I hated the annoying time mechanic.

Jirachi2197d ago

I wouldn't say hate but i certainly didn't love the feature the i think it sorta felt like a forced speed run 72 minutes plus is alot of time but still if i wanted a speed run i would do it,just don't force it.

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