IGN: The Death of the Dynasty

IGN: Will any of today's gaming heroes match the lifespan of Mario?

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LX-General-Kaos2257d ago

This is true. Not many legends if any at all can fight the good fight as long as nintendo characters. Though my hat is tipped to Solid Snake, and Master Chief. I hope to see them for many generations to come.

dredgewalker2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Yeah Mario is an icon, though he didn't actually start his career on a Nintendo console. Before Peach he had a girlfriend named Pauline which you had to rescue from Donkey Kong while jumping over barrels. I used to play it a lot on my intellevision.

Solid_Snake372257d ago

wow i just realised how old Mario really is... I thought Snake was old (1987) but mario is older (1981)

hellzsupernova2256d ago

A few characters stand a chance like spyro, jak and daxter or sly cooper I think those characters given the chance could survive. But my hat is off to Mario but I like donkey Kong more my first ever game was dk on gameboy good times

WildArmed2257d ago

Mario is single-handedly responsible of development of 'characters' or 'story' in games. It was when Mario started up, developers went away from the play it for the fun of playing it, but now also play it because there is something to pursue, a story!

Games like Tetris, defender etc etc are all great. But Mario gave more depth to gaming, and for all our differences now, I'll always be grateful to Mario for that.

GrrrlGamerX2257d ago

I thought this article was about the death of IGN lol