Nine Video Game Babes You Would Love as Valentine Partner

Don’t lie. We’ve all made mental lists of what female characters from video games we’ve played would make the perfect valentine partner or girlfriend. With so many characters from so many games to choose from, who tops the list? Which female video game characters would make the best valentine partners or girlfriends imaginable? Here are some of our top choices.

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Raiz2079d ago

Mine Valentine Partner: Ellie... from The Last of US..... :D

MidnightSpecial2078d ago

Anya from GOW, Catwoman from Arkham City, Aela from Skyrim (as well as the buxom wench from the inn in Markarth) to name a few more, all the ones in the list. I'd be a busy guy lol

Raiz2078d ago

will you be able to manage all of them at once... lolzz.... if need any help.... PM me... :D

Solid_Snake372077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Elena ( uncharted 3 version) B&B Laughing Octopus from MGS4 ( human version of course) and EVA from MGS3 ( please Santa?)

MadMax2078d ago

Id take Morrigan and Felicia from Darkstalkers!!!

LX-General-Kaos2078d ago

Felicia for sure. Cat traits or not.

stonecold32078d ago

elena from uncharted and chunli and cammy sf

nskrishna22078d ago

forever alone level: Gaming

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