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Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand goes half price

Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand has been reduced to just £5.99 on Origin, shaving 50% off the usual asking price. (Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand, PC)

TABSF  +   1328d ago
4 Maps
10 Guns
4 Vehicles

I personally found the weapons best part of this pack but overall its great.
Luckily I got this with my pre-order off Origin

Looking forward to the new DLC coming soon, I think DICE is going to support this like BF2, probably going to get Packs and Standalones for years to come.

Not like Activision, re-release pretty much the same game every year with a different SP and then charge $15/£11 for Map packs that featured on previous CODs with no updates oh and stop support when the next game is out 1 year later FAIL!!!
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DasTier  +   1328d ago
Really the weapons? I love gulf of Oman and Strike at Karkand, they are 2 of the coolest maps ever, I hardly use the new weapons though, I got too concerned as to why all the ones i used had 12x scopes on :P
MrGunny94  +   1328d ago
This is the type of DLC i want... EXPANSIONS! Not cheap map packs... for 15$
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PixL  +   1328d ago
I loved the assignments in Karkand. I hope they bring more of them, with new weapons to unlock, of course.

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