Can Double Fine resurrect the adventure genre?

BeefJack: "Throwing off the shackles of a publisher, Double Fine are creating a brand new adventure game. With Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert leading it, it’s in good hands, but will it be enough to resurrect an apparently dead genre?"

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Track1232289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Adventures aren't dead. There were a lot of good adventures over the years. Its not the fault of the adventures, that "journalists" praise the 5. cod 4 game and complaining about playing the same over and over again, instead of trying a nice adventure and give them some attention. There is nothing to resurrect.

If he sticks to the quality of is old games i will play it.

Moncole2289d ago

Worst part it this doesn't only happen with adventure games

Alos882289d ago

If Double Fine can't create an adventure game for the ages, no one can.

MrDead2289d ago

I need more Monkey Island.

Infernostew2289d ago

Still waiting for Telltale's sequel to Tales of Monkey Island.