UK Charts: Kingdoms of Amalur is the New Number One

Electronic Arts will wake up happy this morning, as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the new UK number one.

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JebusF2230d ago

I can't decide whether coming in at 20th in its first week is good for Catherine or not. Either way, at least it is in the top 20!

AntoineDcoolette2230d ago

A lot of folk who were interested in Catherine likely imported it before the UK release, I'd imagine

Kran2230d ago

That's surprising that a game which hasn't been advertised much [an unknown game] does so very well. I mean I know it's EA but there's been a few EA games which have bombed. I honestly thought this game would be one of those. Looks like I was proved wrong.

padz12230d ago

I know i wasn't this at all, thought it would stuggle to sell tbh. Just because I haven't seen any advertising for it. But im glad its done so well.

GodisaGeek2230d ago

We believe it's the first new IP to hit the top spot in quite some time. Seems to have little marketing (that we've seen anyway) so it's a little surprising, for sure!

nicolajNN2230d ago


It's the first new IP at #1 since Dead Island and the first new RPG IP to debut at #1 since Pokemon Red 12 years ago. And it's well deserved, great game.

LoLZoRz2230d ago

people love massive open world RPGs.

SephirothX212230d ago

Its great gameplay and character customisation deserves recognition and it is the studio's first game which mean's the problem's the game has will be likely addressed in the sequel. Those problems mainly being the generic world and characters.

Captain Qwark 92230d ago

i think its world is colorful and wonderful personally, it may be similar to many fantasy art styles but its not a bad thing and its a much appreciated change of pace from all the dark, gritty, and "realistic" approach many games take with their art style.

imo its an excellent game, not without its fair share fo problems but a game that should def sell millions since its an amazing first try. my best comparison would be mass effect 1. ME1 released and while amazing, lacked a lot of polish but made up for it in the gameplay just being that good, kingdom does the same thing imo.

my problems are....
lack of jump
lip syncing
block isnt as responsive as id like it to be
cutscenes could be a little better

nothing deal breaking though

excellent story
loads of quests
art style
more loot than most games put together

and more i dont feel like listing...

ChronoJoe2230d ago

The game has a terrible story from what I've played. It's really boring and generic.

Spydiggity2230d ago

The game is so much fun, definitely deserves it.

I wish the RPG elements were a bit deeper, but it's a minor complaint.

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