Please Stop Trolling Valve [eGamer]

Adam, from eGamer, pleads with Valve to stop trolling and tell us about Half-Life 3. Wherever it may be.

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cyguration2196d ago

I concur. The game community has just issued a cease and desist to Valve for griefing gamers with Half-Life 3 trolling.

FullMetalAdam2196d ago

I know Valve just can't come out already and say what's potting with the next Half-Life, or give any indications of what's happening. Not a great way to treat your fans.

Solid_Snake372196d ago

they are probably thinking of ways to blow us away with HL 3, thats why they are taking long

Hazmat132196d ago

i have a good feeling for this years E3 2012 might see some next gen consoles and Half Life 3 for PS3, 360 and of course PC. only time will tell cant wait! Gamers unite!

Robotronfiend2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I agree with the article - but the title is wrong. I thought initially that someone was trolling Valve.

Title should be "Please stop trolling, Valve". The comma makes a huge difference. See the difference here: "Stop clubbing baby seals" and "Stop clubbing, baby seals". In one people are hurting the seals, in the other the seals are doing too much partying at night clubs.

FullMetalAdam2196d ago

Thanks for noting the error.

lizard812882196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I just bought Half Life 2 on steam. I normally HATE FPS, but this is pretty fun. I think it is because it doesn't play like CoD and has a story.

The AI will duck for cover and advance to where you are. In most FPS the AI will just run towards you getting shot. It makes for some pretty fun firefights, plus there are puzzles too, which I like. The sound design is also amazing.

I wouldn't mind a Half-Life HD remake of the 1st one.

h311rais3r2195d ago

U just got half life 2 now? Well for its glory imagine playing it 6 years ago!

lizard812882192d ago

lol, yeah. I'm still not too big into PC gaming, but steam is helping alot (and this game costing $10 rather than $50+ too). 6 or so years ago, I mostly played arcade roms. I got rid of that stuff though. It was taking up too much space.