Sixteen PS Vita titles available on US PlayStation Store this week

El33tonline writes:

"This week’s US PlayStation Store update is going to be the biggest in its five-year history thanks to sixteen PS Vita titles being added to the Store’s digital shelves."

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tarbis2322d ago

Already downloaded Super Stardust Delta last week. I'm getting MJ and Escape Plan. Hmm... how come Little Deviants is not on the list? O.o

Luc202322d ago

My first games will be: uncharted, stardust, wipeout and little deviants. You guys in the US/Can are luckly, we in the UK got to wait another loooooong week!

ANIALATOR1362322d ago

Sony how come I haven't seen at least one advert for the PSVITA here in England? I know everything about the Vita because I'm a big gaming fanatic but I guarantee there are gonna be inbred f*cks out there who haven't even heard of it and if they have, think it's just a regular PSP

Luc202322d ago

There will be ads this starting this wknd. I wish sony advertised more but then they spend money on games not on ads.

MariaHelFutura2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

I agree, I would rather have games than ads. BUT, Sony does need to do a better job advertising the PSV. Hardware sales can drive 3rd party support and allow Sonys 1st party to take more chance w/ unique games.