Skyrim PS3 patched to 1.04 – still has issues

Lazygamer: “Guys, I’m sad to say that this fix is only a temporary one. After three hours playing the lag is back in full force, even worse at times.,” says a user on Bethesda’s forums, echoing other players’ sentiments.

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phantomexe2316d ago

Really is the guy that wrote this being serious. Start a new save file and then restart your PS3. Click on that story guys and tell me what you guys think. Wife played the game all day with no problems but you know how it gos. Alot of quest are still messed up.

DragonKnight2316d ago

The only thing I've noticed since the patch is that load times seem to be longer, lag isn't completely gone but is MUCH better. I don't know about all the quests yet but the Blades Dragonslayer quests still have the unfortunate tendency to make your recruits stay at a word wall of an already defeated dragon with no way of making them return. But I don't know about any other quests myself.

Bethesda did recommend making a new manual save file and then waiting 73 in game hours after DL'ing the patch to fix any issues. This recommendation apparently resets the scripts.

Rowland2316d ago

you sure she played A COMPUTER GAME all day ? !

Man_Among_Mice2316d ago

I didn't even start a new save file and I haven't seen any huge problems since the patch. A little lag a couple times since but nothing on the level of what it was pre-patch.

geddesmond2316d ago

I only tried it out for 20 minutes the other day and my game was unplayable after 5 minutes before the patch, Now I experienced no lag in that 20 mins. However the quest to get the house in windhelm is still broken, I still can't get the quest to trigger. Glad Bethesda finally made some grounds now tell them to go fix Fallout NV and Fallout 3 for the PS3 because they are still broken and they should know how to fix them after Skyrim.

Bigpappy2316d ago

How could you get to buying a house in any city in just 25 mins of play?

geddesmond2315d ago

What??? Dude are you stupid? I have a 200 hour save. All I had to do was fast travel and check.

GraveLord2316d ago

So $40k down the drain?

RGB2315d ago

My save file is around 200 hours as well. Since the update lag has decreased massively. With that said though, yesterday I played for 16 hours straight (Lame I know), but an hour before I stopped the lag returned. I had major frame rate issues throughout that last hour yesterday. They obviously didn't completely fix it.

LakerGamerEnthusiast2315d ago

yea Rgb same here, i was playing for like around 3 hours also like the article says and i was on the quest of finding he staff of magnus and later in it i started having massive lag when i would fight, idk if it will return but i hope not or hopefully bethesda releases a permanent fix for it soon ...

Bordel_19002315d ago

I already bought it on PC, it looks amazing modded on my Alienware. Glad I didn't buy it for my PS3.