Binary Domain Demo coming this Week

Sony has confirmed that the western demo of Binary Domain will land this week on PlayStation Network and expected on XboxLive too.

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Godmars2902347d ago

Cutting it pretty close.

RaidensRising2347d ago

This is great news as you miss most of the voice feature in the Japanese demo, unless you speak Japanese.

core_52347d ago

haha yeah ... that was pretty crazy

JohnApocalypse2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

New-Ips need demos

JellyJelly2347d ago

Looks like a cheap knock-off from Vanquish and Gears. Not sure what to think about it but from what I've seen my hopes aren't high.

Here's a long gameplay demo if you haven't seen:

SageHonor2347d ago

Doesnt play like it ^^
I played the japanese demo
its actually pretty cool

Trooper_D5X2347d ago

This Game gets 35 of 40 from Famitsu

Godmars2902346d ago

And that's important because Japanese reviews have been so indicative of Western attitudes towards games.

And Famitsu's have been so accurate in general.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2347d ago

Looks fun to me. Gears fans think all tps's from now on will just be cheap knock offs of Gears. I personally didn't like gears and this looks better tbh.

Dlacy13g2346d ago

I am very curious to see how well this stacks up to ME3's demo this week. Squad commands both games feature voice commands... but the difference is Binary Domain went their own route on voice command so its not a Kinect only feature. Will it perform differntly with the two interfaces?