Contrasting the IAAs and VGAs: Is There a Difference?

Skyrim was the big winner at the 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

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Ezio20482346d ago

imo, this game never deserved to win VGA or AIAS!
this game sure has depth but no lasting appeal unlike UC3, Portal & B:AC...

Voxelman2346d ago

But Skyrim is bigger than all those games and has mod tools... There is more lasting appeal in Skyrim than just about any other game, unless you made the mistake of buying a console version for some reason, and even then Skyrim has hundreds of hours of content.

CrimsonEngage2346d ago

I'm a bit mixed. Now that Skyrim has the editor and what not... ok. But it should have had this when the game launched.

Bigpappy2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

A few PS3 guys share that opion. The everyone else think it is the obvious choice for GOTY.

You think UC3 is deeper and has more lasting appeal? I guess you are refering to the multiplayer. Even that would help UC3 clock as meany hours as Skyrim. But I am glad you found a game that you are devoted to, no matter what. Still, no reason to attack all those who think Skyrim is the best game of the year. It is obvious you are in the minority. Just let it go.

@King: I have not finished it yet either. That is the point your are missing. For those who are giving it GOTY, it is not about trying to finish the main story in 30 hours, but about really experiencing everything these developers put into the world. I am well over 300 hrs in am I have not finished the main quest. I never used any cheats or strategy guides, just play and experience the world. There is no other game on the market that does half of what this game does, and the size is just a small part of the content.

P.S. I play it on 360. No mods!

KingOptimus7772346d ago

@Bigpappy maybe i should had been more clear they never came back to the game and no one said UC3 was the only game that deserves game of the year i also said batman arkham city & dead space 2 so quit raging and being a Skyrim fanboy

KingOptimus7772346d ago

In my opionion i know people going to disagree but Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3, & Dead Space 2 deserve to win Game of the Year because a lot of people who bought Skyrim on my friends list nevered finished it after I asked them, so i don't get why people get hyped over Skyrim if they not going to finish it. Uncharted 3, Dead Space 2, & Batman Arkham City in my opionion is much better

Voxelman2345d ago

Arkham city was a bit lacking IMO, objectively it is a better game than the first but it lacked the passing and the tight feel of the original to gain an "open world"

But if any game deserved an GOTY nod over Skyrim it was The Witcher 2 that game was amazing and an amazingly vast leap over the first game. It's up there with Mass Effect 2 for most improved sequel. Unfortunately it was PC only so most Americans ignored it.

Also almost no one finishes an TES game (they don't even have an ending) that is kinda the point, a hundred different people can have a hundred different experiences and do a different set of quests and a different character build. If you are looking for a story and tight scripted experience of course you are going to be disappointing, because Skyrim is all about the journey.

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