Console XP: Uncharted: Golden Abyss Review

Henry Chung writes: "As a quasi-prequel to Drake’s Fortune, our now younger protagonist, Nathan Drake, finds himself in the midst of Central America where he is hired by his cut-throat “old friend”, Dante. It’s not long before Drake is hot on the trail left by Spanish colonists in search of the legendary city of gold, the “Golden Abyss”, and of course making a few adversaries and friends along the way. Without a doubt, to anyone who has been following the Uncharted series, the story of Golden Abyss screams of similarities between this and Drake’s Fortune, and rightly so because not only is the story very similar, the locales feel all too familiar."

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Major_Nailson2261d ago

only a 9.0? anyways, good read

Son_Lee2261d ago

Only a 9.0? Any game should be honored to get that score. Screw the infamous "7-10" review scale many people believe reviewers use these days. And as much as I love Uncharted, the series is a bit overrated. Especially with how lackluster the 3rd one was compared to the first two.