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"It isn’t just the visuals that are a throwback either, with the simplistic gameplay of random button mashing faring badly too. The limited move sets to each character, coupled with no special moves or rage modes, all help cement this as a title from an era where staples of the genre that we now take for granted, hadn’t even been dreamt up yet... the only people who will get something out of this release are those aforementioned people who have heady, nostalgia fueled memories of playing it back in the day."

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fatstarr2295d ago

My greatest memory is spending 7$ in quarters to beat this game at the amusement park.

UltimateSin2294d ago

This game is just a classic, how can you give a 2/5, IMPOSSIBLE!

PirateThom2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I fully understand why someone would give it 2/5.

It's very repetative and doesn't really have the same appeal as TMNT in its gameplay. It hasn't aged well.

However, I have very good memories of the game and replaying it brought me back to summers of my youth spent with my dad in arcades in Portrush.... and the fact they haven't tried to "improve" it, is the best possible outcome.