Next-Gen's: 2007'S 50 Biggest Events

Next-Gen Writes:

"This was a year of constant change, with every day presenting a new hardware transition problem, new market challenge or corporate shakeup. Next-Gen takes a look at the 50 biggest stories that shaped the year, and the lasting impact of each…"

Tibets from the article include:

Nintendo's Success Takes Nintendo by Surprise
Burning Crusade's 2.4M First Day January 23rd
Kotaku Stares Down Sony Over PS Home News
Peter Moore Leaves MS to Head EA Sports
Silicon Knights Sues Epic Games
Halo 3 Media Barrage Culminates in Release
Bungie and Microsoft Part Ways
The PS3 Price Drops Yet Again October 17th

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MK_Red3595d ago

Agreed. A seriously busy year with lot's of surprises and scandals.

GlossGreen3595d ago

wrap-up of all the major events of the year. I don't agree with all the ratings but, of course, not everyone will agree.