I want to punch Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the spleen

Console Domination writes: I played Final Fantasy for a good four or so hours last December, because Namco Bandai are very nice people with very poor locks on their doors, not that many doors can withstand a body mass that is roughly 120% rage and muscle. And while it would be a downright lie for me to say the graphics were bad, or the gameplay wasn't fun, my tongue would turn black, fall off and crawl into Odin's beard before I could ever say this is an actual Final Fantasy game.

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iamtehpwn2350d ago

I'm sorry, no matter where you stand on this game, this article is lame.

Godmars2902350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Unless you accept its hatred offered through amused snarkyness. Viking snarkyness at that.

I just know that 13-2 came about because they didn't have the experience or familiarity needed with HD consoles, Wada's unwillingness to support the PS3, when making XIII so even less of a required effort went into that game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2349d ago

At the end of the day 13-2 should have never been made.

Son_Lee2350d ago

I share the author's sentiments.

phantomexe2349d ago

I gave up on the series at 13 so i never droped cash for 13-2. How i miss the old ff games.

Nitrowolf22349d ago

why is Namco Bandai getting credited for FF13-2?

TheUnbiasedLion2349d ago

I stopped reading after that.

Spangalore2348d ago

It could be due to the fact that Namco-Bandai Partners published FFXIII-2 in Australia where the website is based. He credits Square-Enix in the article, he was just able to play it early thanks to Namco.

Nitrowolf22348d ago

Thank you for clarifying that. I forgot, but I find it odd that SE wouldn't publish it themselves considering they are always taking up publisher deals for other games not made by them (Call of duty in Japan)

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