TXB: Tempest XBLA Review

For those of you out born in the '80s or later with no idea what Tempest is, the game was Atari's first attempt at using vector-based wireframe models to simulate 3D action. The game's controls consisted of two fire buttons (a regular blaster and the ultra-powerful "Super Zapper") and a dial used in place of a joystick. Players control a ship at one end of a playfield, while enemies come down in a steady stream from the other end. Using the dial, players rotate along the edge of the playfield (or "around" it, if it's something like a tunnel; each playfield is a different shape) and shoot the enemies before they make their way through. Think Space Invaders, but with depth.


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Capt CHAOS3775d ago

Surely, just the name alone should be worth 3.5/10. The game must be pretty bad.

Tone3775d ago

It's not a patch on tempest 2000 on the atari jaguar!!

That game rocked.. with particles flying all over the place, to the onlooker, it just looked like caos.. but to the player, you could see everything... was wierd!