Five Awesome Skyrim Mods that Make Bethesda's HD Texture Pack Look Like a Joke

GameSpy - This week Bethesda released the Official Skyrim High-Resolution Texture Pack, taking the Skyrim world by storm. Suddenly everything looks so much clearer! It couldn't get any better than this, right? Wrong! If you want your Skyrim adventures to look their best -- and I know that you do -- you'll need these five community-made mods that make Bethesda's "high-resolution textures" look like something Q-Bert might climb.

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CrimsonEngage2347d ago

The last water picture looks worse to me. It's a river so the original actually looks good there. All others, are great.

BiggCMan2347d ago

With that particular picture of the water mod, it makes it look bad. However the mod definitely makes water look better. This screen was taken by me a few weeks ago.


RyuDrinksTheDew2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

i have all of those mods haha. they definitely make things more detailed.

only thing is, it kind of stays away from the original art direction, so that might bother some people. doesnt bother me at all though, love the detail.

@CrimsonEngage: i can confidently say that that water texture pack looks better than vanilla. it changes not only the texture, but also the mesh to make it* look less exaggerated. also, there are different types of water for rivers, lakes, and oceans.

ninjahunter2347d ago

Lol, a majority of the comparisons werent even included in the HD texture pack because they knew modders were doing them. Was pretty much comparing vanilla to HD mods.

CoD5112347d ago

I don't like the 2K textures pack myself. It's not just high-res textures that make a texture good but the art behind them. Textures essentially sourced from photos to straight ingame just doesn't cut it for me, personally.