The 13 Hottest Video Game Voice Over Actresses

Ranker - We hear these women's voices more often than we do real women's voices who aren't our moms. From the entire roster of Lara Croft voices, to the voices of some of the hottest character from games like Mass Effect, The Old Republic, Kingdom Hearts and more, here are the hottest voice actresses in the video game business today.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2259d ago

Oh for the love of Oprah.

#10.... Gina Torres was Cas in Matrix Reloaded. Jada Pinkett was Niobe.

GamerSciz2259d ago

Erm Emily Rose is attractive in my book. You know Elena from the Uncharted series...

MWH2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Shelley Blond has my vote, i'm a retro kind of guy.
btw, you missed this beauty:

Rsident Evil 5's, the evilly hot, Excella Gionne.

Tenkay232259d ago

"if men could fu-k a voice, they would fu-k Jennifer Hales"

There has never been more truth to anything in any article, EVER!