CVG - Ninja Gaiden 3: A Hollywood-worshipping slasher

CVG - After blitzing the Ninja Gaiden 3 demo we were disappointed to realise we hadn't died once. Not once.

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KeiserSosay47882107d ago

Ugh! It can't be true! I loved how difficult the NG games were. Now the whole "accessibility with QTEs" thing has now, possibly, ruined the series. :(

Megaman_nerd2107d ago

people say that you can literally beat the demo with just 1 button and the analog stick.

fei-hung2107d ago

1st DMC got raped and now Ninga Gaiden :(

NewMonday2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

why doesn't he try the hard difficulty then?

whats the problem some people have with options?

KeiserSosay47882107d ago


I don't have a problem with options for difficulty. However, there should NOT be QTEs in a NG game, imo. NG, to me has always been about the learning curve involved with timing/combos and eventually the satisfaction of winning because of YOUR advancement in skill level associated within the game. None of that can happen with QTEs.

GameGuy2105d ago

It looks nice but being really hard is what makes NG, NG.