Houston Gamers Getting Down with Texas Bar Fights 6

Let’s face it, my hometown of Houston is known more for having a problem than having a solid videogame community. Which is where we come in. Having trekked far and wide, I came across a group of truly fanatical gamers, in all senses of the word. This weekend I spent some time with them and got to watch an intense competitive bouts. Super Smash Bros., Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom, Super Street Fighter, and King of Fighters, were games that were on the menu for the day as tournament brackets were filled and players battled each other.

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christheredhead2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

The play n trade stores here in Houston have always had open tournaments. They would advertise COD and Smash Bros tournaments non stop. Personally, I always hated the stores. The ones I visited where unprofessional and unorganized. It was always complete chaos. The only one close to me ended up shutting down and I can see why.

Regardless, it was still pretty cool. Not many places hold fun gaming competitions on a regular basis. They would always turn out a decent crowd and pack the store on tournament nights. Fun stuff.