Mass Effect 3 goes gold, more surprises in store says producer

El33tonline writes:

"It’s official: Mass Effect 3 is done and dusted and is ready for mass production to find its way onto store shelves this March."

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da_2pacalypse2227d ago

The surprise is actually that the single player is not as good as it should be because half of the team was working on the co-op. SURPRISE!!!

dreman9992227d ago

It's clear you haven't played the demo. Also, not even one person on the sp team was part of the mp team.

Starbucks_Fan2227d ago

Now we wait for those gold reviews. Congrats to Bioware for such a great series.

Vortex3D2227d ago

I hope Bioware used the delay time from last year to polished the single player the best they can than wasted on the cop-op.

I think most ME fans will agree that we don't care about co-op and want the single player to be very polished.

SolidGear32227d ago

Agreed, but still very excited this is just about to be in my collection!

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