Activision: We "bungled" the launch of Call of Duty: Elite

While the online portal Call of Duty: Elite has been a big success for Activision, with 7M members, 1.5M of whom are premium users who paid $50 USD for a year's subscription. However, Activision still feels like it "bungled" the launch, making users warier of the service than they should have been.

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ATi_Elite2258d ago

Activision: We "bungled" the launch of Call of Duty: Elite but we still made several tons of cash and sold another 25 million copies of COD4 v5.0 so we really DO NOT CARE about how we messed up.

reynod2258d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

People have to be retarded to pay 60usd for the same game every year. Paying further 50usd for a subscribtion is even more dumb lol. Thats like 110usd a year for the same game lol.

Its because of people like these that there is no hope for this industry. Personally i think users should have the freedom to make their own maps. DLC maps should be there too, however console gamers need to wake up and demand freedom from the leash they have around their necks. I mean new maps used to be free, it was all user created content once upon a time. Due to console gamers bending over the spill over effects are today felt in the PC gaming industry too, Devs no longer release mod tools they expect PC gamers to bend over the same way.

Console gaming is said to be cost effective i dont see this sort of model to be cost effective at all, pay more per game(vs pc version), pay for maps, pay for new skins, pay to go online. Imo this gen of console gaming has been a disaster from the users point of view.

ATi_Elite2256d ago

Console gamers like being raped just to see their games get a lot of commercials.

I prefer:$40 games, Free maps, Mod tools, Free DLC, free Mods, and Free online play.

This console gen has been all about maximizing revenue by flooding the market with FPS and charging for online play which is NOT fair.

Next Gen consolers need to force Sony/MS to abandon the yearly fee cause if not they will think of something else to charge you for.

I already for see Sony using the hacks to charge gamers a fee like MS and validating it as a "more secure service".

and COD ELITE is totally stupid. $50 bucks for stats that given for free on fan sites and you still DO NOT get dedicated servers with admins, come on man!

salinidus2257d ago

actavision and bobby kotick dont give two shits about the consumer only the revenue they can sucker you out of.

Ethereal2258d ago

Yea they promised features that still are not ready..Clan Operations....

FlashXIII2258d ago

Funnily enough I asked my friend yesterday about how it's going and he told me that so far they only released 2 new maps. The game has been out for 1/4th of it's lifespan, people pay a LOT of money expecting lots of DLC and so far they only get 2 maps? I'd say Activision have royally screwed up but to be fair I wouldn't be surprised if they planned it this way and Kotick is laughing all the way to the bank.

Ocean2257d ago

I'd be wary too, it's Activision afteral