Master Chief in Halo 4 comes with new armor change

Ever since its grand unveiling at E3 2011, we have seen nothing from Halo 4 since, as Microsoft prefers to keep Master Chief’s next project a close kept secret. However, one aspect of Master Chief that is getting everyone talking is his appearance in the upcoming game and we now have a clear indication on how he will look in Halo 4, thanks to none other than a toy figurine.

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SockeyBoy2203d ago

Love McFarlane Toys!
OT: I don't know about the new look, a lot of focus on the shoulders, i actually thought it was some type of jet pack, (like in the trailer). I've got a good feeling that 343 are going to do an awesome job with Halo 4 and beyond. Can't f***ing wait!

killerhog2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

I have a feeling, 343 is going to play it safe, borrow from previous halo games and other shooters, but still get 10's. I mean, it's not all that different. I don't think theyre going to push halo like bungie did for reach.

Muffins12232201d ago

Na.They already said there mixing in gameplay with roots of Hal o2.Suspect it to be like halo 3 multiplayer with armor abilities

KimoNoir2203d ago

O lord what have they done

Bathyj2203d ago

They gave Malibu Stacey a new hat.

KingPin2203d ago

they just messed up the clean design of master chief.

this is the difference between Bungie and 343

Bungie: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
343: if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features.

Bereaver2202d ago

His muscles look tooooooo small.....

bahabeast2203d ago

i still havnt played reach yet i gata try it out but no xbox 360 rite now :(

SockeyBoy2203d ago

Oh man Reach is soooo good!

Mikhail2203d ago

Halo was the reason I bought xbox and 360 so dont ruin it...i hope it would be great.

urwifeminder2203d ago

Dont care what they dress him in ill be playing day one.

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