Crash Bandicoot 2010: The Wii Game That Never Was

ZI writes: While I was never a Crash Bandicoot fan myself, I've always had a deep interest in canceled projects, especially when they progressed far enough along to the point where actual art and animation was produced.

While it's been awhile since Crash has made an appearance on a home console, it wasn't long ago that a team was working on a Crash game. The canceled game, code-named Crash 2010, was originally intended to be released on the Wii before the project got scrapped in 2009.

Earlier today, a video was posted online that discussed the project more fully, showing off a good amount of animation and concept art that was made for the game.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Wouldn't have done the series justice anyway. The game belongs in Naughty Dog's hands. I think it's evident that every crash game that hasn't been developed by naughty dog have been poor.

MakiManPR2259d ago

The problem is the Naughty Dog doesn't own it anymore cuz they sold the franchise. Sad but true. With what they've have done with games like Uncharted and how The Last of Us looks I wish they could get the franchise back and make Crash Bandicoot the official Playstation mascot like he was in the PS1. Of course it will be difficult to compete against Mario but the real Bandicoot must comeback.

Ghost2502259d ago

Naughty dog never onwed crash. Universal interactive media owned it. And when activision bought them out they merged with them and the crash IP went with them. Same thing with spyro

MakiManPR2256d ago

Yeah but NaughtyDog were the developers of the first 3 games.

Sobari2259d ago

Here's hoping Naughty Dog buys the franchise back some day.

aPerson2259d ago

this video is over a year old...