Here We Go Again: Retro's Big Project is a New Zelda Game for the Wii U

ZI writes: So, this rumor seems to pop up every other year, and honestly its usually wishful thinking. Everyone loves Retro Studios, and everyone loves Zelda. They seem like a perfect pair for a western audience (which is indeed Zelda's biggest market at this point in it's life span). This time around however, what gives it weight is they are looking to hire a translator to help communicate directly with Nintendo EAD out of Japan, which suggests that Retro is heading a major project that is normally handled by Nintendo EAD alone. Given Retro's past, it's likely to be a new Zelda title, or possibly a Starfox Reboot. Both work for me. Hop inside for all the details.

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Starbucks_Fan2349d ago



jc485732349d ago

I'm ok with Star Fox, but why Zelda?

Rayko2349d ago

Only Nintendo should make Zelda. Not some western studio. Or else Zelda will turn into another FPS experience or it will take out the cuteness with the small villages and everything which makes Zelda games so cozy and fun to play. I don't wanna run from temple to temple directly and fight enemies all damn time. After 1 temple you need a break, explore the villages and the sidequests.

Mykky2349d ago

Zelda FPS? I think you underestimate them.

Kennytaur2349d ago

Ocarina of Time was originally ment to be played from a first-person perspective

PopRocks3592349d ago

Neither Metroid Prime Trilogy nor Donkey Kong Country Returns were like that at all. They all were designed very well with a clear focus on what those respective franchises amazing.

If anyone who isn't Nintendo can do a great job on a Zelda game, it's Retro-Fucking-Studios.

Rayko2348d ago

Wasn't Metroid prime trilogy a FPS?.......Please try again.

PopRocks3592346d ago

Actually no. How about you try again since I'm right. Metroid Prime was not a first person shooter, it's been referred to as a first person adventure. Want to know why? Because just like the older games, the combat was primarily spaced out between smaller enemies and bosses.

The bulk of the game was about upgrades and exploration, two things suspiciously missing from Other M. My point is that Retro designs their games very well to fit the way a certain franchise is meant to feel in a modern development cycle.

The fact that you completely disregarded everything I said outside of the one phrase that vaguely suggested that Metroid Prime was not like how you were describing your fear of a Retro developed Zelda game, that really goes to show your ignorance of the point I made and your desperation to make yourself seem right.

Rayko2346d ago

Please, gameplay was about the same as HALO, then HALO is a first person adventure as well. Would you like next Zelda game to be played in first person?

I just hate the direction the game industry is heading. Everything has to be first person and a gun + grenades has to be involved in 98% of all games. Even masterpiece games like Resident Evil is heading the military-tactic direction. Sad, sad, sad.

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mike1up2349d ago

I don't think it's Zelda, and frankly it shouldn't be.

Let Retro work on a Nintendo series that actually needs help. I want Retro to breathe life into dying series, and not alter a title like Zelda which is doing fine on it's own.

How about:

1. Starfox
2. F-Zero
3. Fire Emblem
4. Eternal Darkness

Shackdaddy8362349d ago

Add metroid in there and you've got my list.

PopRocks3592349d ago

As much as I'm largely confident that Retro could totally do it, I agree. I would prefer them to work on any of those franchises as well.

na-no-nai2349d ago

Fire emblem is not a dying series.

AWBrawler2348d ago

Who the hell said FE is dying? If anything it's growing

mike1up2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I love Fire Emblem... but, I have been hearing rumors that it will not be released in USA anymore. If you have heard anything differently then please respond, because you will make my day.

Radiant Dawn was good game, but it always felt like a mere expansion of Path of Radiance. Micaiah was the only Dawn Brigade character that I gave a damn about, and you couldn't even play her half the game.

AWBrawler2348d ago

FE 3DS has been more or less confirmed to have DLC and to be heading stateside

na-no-nai2348d ago

What rumors are you hearing it from? I have heard no such thing about Fire Emblem. Have you played the latest Fire Emblem? Shadow Dragon? of course its a remake. I would say that Fire Emblem is more a of niche games compare to Mario and Zelda. So far I got all the Fire Emblem release for U.S.

Well I guess we just have to wait and see. I don't think they will tho because its one of the core games.

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