Romance in The Legend of Zelda (Part 9) - Beyond Heterosexual

ZI writes: "Back at the outset of the Romantic Spark series, Part I stated that we'd solely "focus on Link's relationships with females", and indeed the first eight parts did exactly that. However it was also noted that "we can't rule out the possibilities of Link being homosexual, bisexual, asexual or even a mixture" given that "there's so many of him".

With Link's potential heterosexual relationships for all 16 Zelda titles covered, we now move on and go beyond just heterosexual pairings. What if Link was asexual or bisexual? What if Link was homosexual - are there potential male partners out there for him? The answer is 'many potential partners', so let the shipping wars rage on into Part IX."

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jaosobno2163d ago

Do we really need discussions like these in games? I truly don't want to sound hateful, but I'm really tired of this homosexual trend being forced upon people in every form of entertainment, from movies, songs and now games.

Sometimes I think that these days it's fashionable to be gay. This trend doesn't help gay people being more accepted nor it helps those that that don't accept homosexuals to do so (since forcing things never helped anything - if anything it's bound to cause more hate and bias).

Pozzle2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

It's a nine part article series that has discussed ALL possible romances in the Zelda franchise. They're hardly "forcing" a "homosexual trend" by writing 1 article about non-heterosexual romance when the other 8 articles were dedicated solely to heterosexual romance.

jaosobno2163d ago

Wanna bet that this one will be the only one that gets significant degrees on N4G?

This is nothing but using homosexulity for hits.

Tameel12163d ago

"Wanna bet that this one will be the only one that gets significant degrees on N4G?

This is nothing but using homosexulity for hits."

So? You seem oddly defensive over a mere article posted on a gaming website. Did a gay guy piss on your Corn Flakes?

mike1up2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

You keep bringing up the word forced... I don't understand.

Were you forced to read this article? Were forced to spend your hard earned money on any of the entertainment, movies, songs and games that YOU brought up?

Like it or not, there are gay people in our society. Gay people acting gay doesn't force anything upon you. Again, it is simply Gays acting accordingly.

I am not gay, and personally I didn't care for the article, but gimme a break... it's not that serious!

Smashbro292163d ago

I don't understand. Parts 1-8 don't make it but the part about the gay people does? Seriously, know the best way to be appreciated as an individual? Stop pointing out that you're a minority/homosexual/female and just be YOU. All this special interest crap pisses me off to no end.

Pozzle2163d ago

Uh...all the other parts were posted on N4G (by various members, including myself) and they all reached the first page. o.O

jaosobno2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Yeah, the hottest one was 140 degrees. Not exactly the hottest thing on N4G.

However, expect this one to be more successful. Nothing better than controversional headline for hits.

It's quite an ancient practice on this site and this article is no exception.

F-Bear2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

I'm guessing you are a straight white male? I'm not gay, but I am a black woman and I don't know how many times I've seen people like you roll their eyes everytime portrayals of minorities come up in games. People who say "why is race important?", "why does race matter in games?", "why do people keep bringing up this 'special interest crap'?" - and that's the problem! Minorities are still seen as 'special interest crap'. You can't mention anything about a minority without it suddenly being seen as 'special interest crap' or an 'attempt to gain hits'.

But what's the problem? Why do so many [obviously not all!] straight white men get upset every time non white, gay, or female representation is mentioned? Why do they suddenly start yelling 'this isn't important!' or 'stop bringing up these issues!" [And if it isn't important then why get so offended whenever minorities are brought up in an article or discussion? Is it some sort of latent fear? Are they scared minorities might 'take over' if we get too many rights or something? I don't understand why bringing up these issues could possibly be a bad thing].

Because the sad fact is - these issues are very important. Until minorities stop being discriminated against [not only in games but in RL too] these types of articles will continue to exist. Because these things need to be brought to peoples attention.

It's easy to say 'stop pointing out you are a minority' - but the Western world is constantly reminding us that we are the minority. We aren't the "ideal". I'll only mention things I have come across from my own experience but here's a taste of what it's like to be 'special interest'... If you aren't white, you have less chance of being hired for a job. I don't know how many times I have been told 'I'm not quite what they are looking for' or 'I don't have the right look for the company'. If you aren't white, you have more chance of being pulled over by the police, or followed around a store by security, or told to stop at airport security. Just today I was told by a man I asked out on a date for Valentines that my skin is "too dark" to be considered attractive - and the sad thing is that he is right in a way because Western society has taught us that the ideal woman is pretty, thin, pale and usually blonde. If you are dark skinned and have natural (afro) hair (like I do) then it is seen as 'gangster' or 'tribal' or just 'ugly'. Even Hollywood's famous black women tend to be on the lighter side of black [Beyonce, Mariah, Halle Berry, and so on]. You would never see a woman like this http://darkskinnedblackbeau... or this http://darkskinnedblackbeau... in a Hollywood movie or MTV music video. Hollywood is less inclined to hire non white actors because the execs think white audiences can't relate to non white people. Did you know that under 6% of movies in last year's box office starred non white actors? [And did you know there were people who quit the set of Independence Day because they didn't want to see Will Smith in the main role because he is black?]

If nobody fought for us minorities and our 'special interest crap' we would still be living in slave times with no rights. We have obviously come a long way since those times, but there is still a long way to go before the Western world is without prejudice. Even small things like the portrayal of minorities in video games can (and will eventually) be improved.

Diegon2163d ago

Thank you for pointing that out. It is frustrating hearing all those sorts of prejudicial comments. I am a gay Latino and I have had people think I'm going to steal, that I'm stupid, and so on. I just can't stand it if people don't like the fact that there are games that have a gay relationship such as dragon age then just don't go for the gay relationship option in the game I personally liked it because it makes me feel like there is more acceptance now. I don't see why ppl can be so unfair and unjust.

mike1up2163d ago

[email protected] just be YOU.

Let me guess, Heterosexual White Male... Christian perhaps? I am sure that it is quite easy for YOU to be yourself.

I find it interesting that you brought up minorities and females in your argument. Exaxtly how can a minority or a female NOT point out that they are a minority or a female? If you are a racial minority, or female, then that is quite obvious to all around you. There is NO off-switch! Furthermore I never considered equal treatment among minorities/homosexuals and females to be "special interest crap".

All this wanna be Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck crap pisses ME off to no end.