Top 11 underrated games of 2011

2011 was easily one of the best years for gaming in living memory. In fact, there were so many great titles jostling for our attention that a few of them unfairly slipped through the cracks. In the following gallery, PCA pays tribute to 11 games that deserved higher plaudits in 2011.

In any other year, most of these games would've been praised by gamers and critics alike - instead, they were dismissed as 'pretty good'.

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mistajeff2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

witcher 2 and resistance 3 were just painfully underrated. witcher 2 handled branching narrative in an exceptional way, and despite being a less open game than skyrim, the narrative itself made skyrim's narrative feel downright linear by comparison. and personally, i thought resistance 3 had the best campaign of any shooter across all platforms last year.

in my opinion, anyway.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

lol @ this list.

Saints Row: The Third is OVER RATED. People are saying it's better than GTA. How in the world is that underrated!?

I have no idea why Dynasty Warriors is on the list. It isn't underrated it just isn't that good.

Fifa isn't underrated at all. All soccer fans love that game.

I don't think the author knows what underrated means. ..

Pumbli2229d ago

While I agree that Saints Row isn't underrated I don't think it's over rated either. Some people like it more then GTA, how is that over rated?

Dynasty Warriors 7 is a stellar game, better than anything we've seen from Koei in years. People agree it's a good game yet not many people have played it, hence it's under rated.

Perhaps you should look up what under rated means.

Outside_ofthe_Box2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Its not the fact that people like it more, it's the fact that people are saying the it IS better, hence over rated.

I use to be a dynasty warriors fan my self, but eventually got bored with the series. I didn't even give DW7 a look so I'll admit that I am wrong in judging a game that I didn't play. I was going under assumption that DW7 was good, but not a MUST have game, hence why I said that it wasn't underrated and why I said it isn't THAT good, but I'll give it a rent to see if it's stellar.

I don't need to look up a word that I already know the definition to, thank you.

OcelotRigz2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Completely agree regarding R3, so underrated. The tone and atmosphere reminded me of Half-Life 2, the world was brilliantly created that way. Also the characters and story itself was way ahead of any other shooter in the last few years, not to mention probably the most diverse and creative use of weapons of any game ive played.

I think InFamous 2 was very underrated too, that game, like the original, was a blast to play. Everything about it was fun and smooth. The InFamous games i feel never get the credit they deserve.

Knight_Cid2230d ago

thats an extremely bad list.

I can think of alot mroe under rated new titles

disgaea 4?
radiant historia?

trails in the sky?

Hell even kirby mass effect was under rated

ChrisW2230d ago

Yet they have the NERVE to put Dynasty Warriors 7 on it.

dragonknight42230d ago

When I was playing Trails in the Sky, I was getting that classic JRPG feeling similar to games like Suikoden, Grandia, and Xenogears. It's too bad kids these days can't appreciate such a title.

Knight_Cid2230d ago

they appreciate them. The real rpgs fans

Which is why legend of heroes has exploaded this gen

MagicAccent2230d ago

Never heard of trails in the sky. Thanks for the tip!

Play2Win2230d ago

RAGE got a lot of bad critics. For me its the best FPS experience I've had in the last years. But I love Shooters from ID.

rdgneoz32230d ago

It was a good game, but not the best FPS. The ending was complete crap and never felt like an ending. kill a bunch of midgets, hit a switch and ta-da, end of the game... No epic boss battle or real feel of ending. You can tell they want to do a sequel to it, but they should at least have had a proper ending. That and the fact that you have to make sure you had a save before you got to the final area since you backtrack for collectables or side quests you didn't get to.

So overall, fun shooter that I enjoyed, but shitty as hell ending to it.

Play2Win2229d ago

Well, I dont need a special ending or story in games. For me it is the gameplay and overall feel of the game that matters. When I want story and everything I watch movies.

sonicsidewinder2230d ago

El Shaddai - Ascension of the Metatron.

rdgneoz32230d ago

Yep, beautiful game by the same guys who did Ookami.

kma2k2230d ago

The only true underated game imo on that list was Space Marines. That was actually a very good game. AC:R even comming from a hardcore Assassins Creed fan was overated! This was far from the best in the series, it was the worst in the series!

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