Co-Optimus: Borderlands 2 Interview Dives into Co-Op Development

In an extensive interview with Borderland 2’s developer, Gearbox, we get a small scoop on the current standings of the game, as well as the co-op features this game will be packing.

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_LarZen_2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Sad to read that they dont intend to fix the looting, that is the 1 thing that me and the people I play co-op with realy do not like.

We have all been there, either in Borderlands or mmo games. you fight your way trough hordes of monsters to a boss.

You kill the boss and a great main weapon drops, a other class ninja's it and leave.

We have all been there...and it sadens me that Gearbox dont see that.

But it's not just in cases like that but when playing with friends there should be a better and more easy looting option. Sorting out who takes what after every battle can get a little tiredsom in the lenght.

And the excuse that a lotting box/option would be hard to impliment on a console is not valid. Console players aint 9 year old children...give them/us some credit!

And dont forget the Pc players.....

LAWSON722229d ago

I read a interview and it said that looting has been changed

urwifeminder2229d ago

Didnt like the last game all people did online was compare guns really got sick of waiting for missions to start,will give this a miss.