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PlayStation Vita Pre-order Bonus and Deals Roundup

"The PlayStation Vita is set to launch next week with the first edition bundle...

With that being said, here is a quick summary of the current Playstation Vita handheld options, pre-order bonus offers and deals that are available for this launch!"

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UltimateIdiot9111622d ago

I preorder the 3G Launch Bundle from Lockerz for $240. Also, Target has a $20 GC when you preorder with them.

Smashbro291622d ago

Lockerz 4 lyfe! (Just to fit in with the whole spelling things wrong theme).

jujubee881622d ago

The PS VITA launches in (about) the next 48 hours for limited users in the US.

Than, the official launch will be one week after that.

JoeReno1622d ago

Can anyone correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the first edition bundle also suppost to get the free PSN game and the ATT data pass?