Gotham City Impostors Review -

MMGN writes: One might ask just where a first-person shooter multiplayer game fits into the Batman universe. After all, the Dark Knight is aggressively against the use of firearms, and yet Gotham City Imposters focuses exclusively on Call of Duty-esque gunplay. Strangely enough, this game doesn't actually feature Batman -- or any of his infamous nemesis' -- but rather a bunch of "imposter" misfits dressed as the big Bat, his sidekicks and Gotham's most troubled individuals. As far removed from Rocksteady's acclaimed 'Arkham' series as you can get, Gotham City Imposters is still a surprisingly entertaining multiplayer game, heavy on cheeseball antics reminiscent of 60s-era Batman humour and style.

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JellyJelly2170d ago

I tried the demo yesterday and wasn't impressed at all. To me it felt more like a 5/10.

TLG19912170d ago

i tried the demo the other day i think in the right hands it could have been good but i suppose you could say that about anything. you can really tell they have tried to go for a team fortress feel, but not really pulled it off