Soulcalibur V Review - Who said stories weren't important in a fighting game? - MMGN.COM

MMGN.COM writes: It has been three years since the last Soulcalibur outing, which would make it the perfect timing for a brand new release. While Soulcalibur V may feature some gorgeous visuals, does it do enough to warrant a purchase for the casual fan?

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Ilovetheps42318d ago

I've played a few fighters, but am not that great. I still enjoy a good fighter though. I do feel that most fighters are missing a story. One of my favorite fighters in recent memory is Dissidia. It's real fun, has a good level system, and a decent storyline.

h311rais3r2318d ago

Yea but fighting games with a story are kinda pointless anyway. The gameplay alone doesn't really warrant much room or possibilities. All u do is fight. The reason is one or the other. They would have to bring the style of game to the drawing board and rework it. Fighting matches last generally 20 seconds so adding an in depth story would just make it an interactive movie.

Captain Qwark 92318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

clearly you didnt play mk9.

story is not only important but it can really add to the game. mk9 has set the standard for me in single player fighting game stories, actually it had a better story than most games in other genres as well.

mk9 was/is one of the best games out last year, play the story mode if you havent and you may retract your comment after

rdgneoz32318d ago

Dissidia and SC are a bit different in the kind of fighter they are.

theWB272318d ago

Although the game didnt suck, it was terrible to me. Its good to have good A.I, but when it knows every move, dodges and blocks most attacks and it feels like you get lucky when you win it makes for a bad experience. Happily sent that back to redbox.

NeoBasch2318d ago

Fighting games need stories. Or at least some higher form of artistic expression. Gameplay is not enough. Games lose meaning when they don't affect us in any meaningful way. It's why a lot of my favorites from the NES and Genesis era are starting to wear thin.

MWH2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

well said NeoBasch. unfortunately there are some who simply don't understand this.

VonAlbrecht2318d ago

I'd say the 60 hours I've sunken into this game already proves the point behind this whole review wrong. I don't think that the lack of a solid story equates to the 3.2 point hit the author doled out.

rdgneoz32318d ago

Yep, I'd love to see if the writer could name a fighter that actually had "great" story.