9.5 - Review: The PlayStation Vita

Here’s the verdict on the console itself, the PlayStation Vita. Everything is covered from hardware, OS, and the new interface.

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MultiConsoleGamer2322d ago

Outstanding review. I'm more psyched than ever. Bring on the Vita!!

danny8182322d ago

im very happy that the vita is getting alot of positve reviews... I truly am happy to be getting one launch day, i dont care about sales, as long as it keeps me entertained on the go and they keep pumping out games for it. But i kinda am curious on how much it will sale first week

Knight_Cid2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

at least this review keeps the psp bashing to a minimum

"The games aren’t your typical portable fair on average, and instead bring that full console experience to the palms of your hands."

the only thing I disagree with. The games are very much portable games.

The full console experience can only be achieved sitting in front of a tv.

"The power is truly amazing even at launch, with PS3-quality visuals"

There are no ps3 qualuty visuals with vita, it simply cant achieve that. Its not as powerful

maybe I had more things to say than I thought

MmaFan-Qc2322d ago

"There are no ps3 qualuty visuals with vita"
play FIFA, you may eat your words

torgo2322d ago

Or Uncharted, or Wipeout 2048, or ModNation Racers, or Super Stardust Delta, or Hot Shots Golf....

Knight_Cid2321d ago

I own a vita. I imported games and the system from japan

AND i am telling you saying it looks like the ps3 is insulting the ps3

MmaFan-Qc2321d ago

funny because i also do, and i still doesnt agree with you.

thedude442322d ago

the thing was so cool, i the screen looks so sick.

Rageanitus2322d ago

This is gonna be an awesome device...... but what they should really do is work together with google to bring on android...

They seem to be working with google recently with their phones and walkmans.....

If they can pull through they can actually put the slogan... it only does everything portable ;)

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