God of War/Twisted Metal Director Compels Gaming Industry Rage - Nick’s Gaming View Episode #63

"David Jaffe, Director of the Twisted Metal franchise along with the original God of War, has decided to call it quits on Eat Sleep Play, the company he co-founded with partner, Scott Campbell back in 2007. Jaffe’s announcement comes as a shock to many with Eat Sleep Play’s upcoming release of Twisted Metal less than a week from when the announcement was made public."

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jsslifelike2262d ago

I think Jaffe's untimely departure will ultimately hurt the sales viability of Twisted Metal.

Nick2120042262d ago

I certainly hope that is not the case. Jaffe is a man of his word and promised he will continue to support Twisted Metal through its maintenance and bug fixing stages, but we shall see.

-Mika-2262d ago

Not really, If some1 not going to buy this game. It would be with the direction the game went. Alot of fans wanted A TM Black sequel but jaffe did something else. So if fans do passed, it would be because of that.

Kleptic2262d ago

^well its pretty obvious that between the games initial announcement...and what jaffe was saying it would be...between whats it looks to become...that its pretty different, mostly because of the outcry of it not being 'dark' enough...

initially, ESP and Jaffe said it would basically be a reimagining of TM 2...which is the 'other' best TM title to most fans...the new TM still seems to be pushing accesability much more than Black...which was by far the most difficult TM game to date...and with its recent change to an M rating and 'very graphic' story lines...i'm pretty sure they found a good middle ground...

frostypants2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Twisted Metal 2 was the pinnacle of the series, with all due respect to TM: Black. The new TM feels more in line with the overall series. Black was sort of an offshoot.

Dojan1232262d ago

Agree. His departure and the demo match issue at first made me reconsider getting until reviews were out. However, with Jaffe's multiple interviews and active twitter since announcing I decided to go for it and preorder. Never played any of the past TM. I hope for the best.

Ivan Drago IV2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Guys ive watched that video posted on the spot at gamespot and it showed the first hour of the story and it looks extremely dark and disturbing, i would say even more so than TM black. there it is., its only a few minutes long, its the openining cinematic for sweettooth's story. Watch that and tell me this game isnt as dark as TM black

-Mika-2262d ago

omg i was so wrong. My excitement level is way up now. Thxs.

MaverickStar72261d ago

Jaffe is still co-owner of ESP and said he was going to be working on Twisted Metal through and even a little after its release.

Tonester9252261d ago

I watched the whole Sweet Tooth story. It's great. Not for parents who let there kids play rated-M games and then complain about the Violence, Gore, and Language. lol