Dear Video Game Industry, DRM Doesn’t Have to be Awful

RipTen: My stance on DRM has always been a simple one—I don’t like it. I find most current forms of anti-piracy methods to be either intrusive and annoying or an excuse to price gouge customers with day one DLC. The answer to combating piracy is an elusive one, but I’m fairly certain it isn’t making paying customers pay more while, at the same time, treating them like criminals.

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PaladinXII2320d ago

I would love to see more of this non-DRM. It's always good for a laugh.

ostgar2320d ago

Good read - such a frustrating issue. Moar money - moar Problems.

Vagrant2320d ago

And yet, so often it is :p

-Mika-2320d ago

Great way but i think pc gamers are a mountain out of a anthill with the drm issue.