The future is bright for the 3DS - Top upcoming games

Billy Nixon writes - There is no denying the 3DS had a rough start, with reports of disappointing sales due to a fairly awful launch line-up, people seemed to be giving up hope for Nintendo’s latest handheld. However, the system recently seems to be finding its legs. Following a price cut and the release of Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 & the odd downloadable title actually worth downloading, the future seems bright for the 3DS

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Knight_Cid2265d ago

the future was always bright

and theres 200 more games in dev

-Mika-2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I only saw 1 game on that list i want and that KH. The 3ds is still lacking in the games department for me personally. The only interesting games on that platform is dead or alive, Re: revelations, tales and kh. So the 3ds is still lacking and they need to get it together.

Knight_Cid2265d ago

to you and nobody else.

The first fiscal year isnt even over yet and the 3ds has trashed the ds in terms of titles............

mario kart, mario land, zelda, star fox, pilot wings, nintendogs and cats, layton 5, rexx, rocket slime 3, revelations has made this a year to remember

-Alpha2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Well I guess you can keep waiting or just get the Vita.

To me, the library is pretty strong for someone who does not own Nintendo products since Gameboy Color. It sounds like a refreshing experience from what I am used to this gen of mature games, online shooters, etc.

And if the DS is any indication, the library of third party support adds to the appealing first party games for me.

KeybladeMaster2265d ago

I too am waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3D to release only because I want to see if Square and Nintendo bring that 10th anniversary deal stateside. I want the Kingdom Hearts themed 3DS with Kingdom Hearts 358/2, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. I have every Kingdom Hearts game but would still like to get the 10th anniversary deal regardless.

Nothing else on the 3DS really compels me to get the system like Kingdom Hearts. I mean look at this:

And just look at the boxart: http://nintendoeverything.c...

Is that not just the coolest thing?!?!?! That's why I am waiting on the 3DS.

Titanz2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

That's a "huge" benefit for 3DS owners.

KeybladeMaster2265d ago

Watch the attached trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3D....... I'll wait....

Watched it? GOOD! It was awesome was it not?

user39039992265d ago

I agree, the only game I liked on the 3DS so far is resident evil revelaiton<---Crapcom spelling :)

The rest are colorful little kids games with predictable AI, or lame ports.

KH do look good, I hope they don't stink it up.

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Major_Nailson2265d ago

Great read, I am looking forward to Mortal Kombat vs Street fighter for 3Ds. Even though it's only a rumor.

EcoSos32265d ago

Great list but you forgot Paper Mario and Kid Icarus.

Blastoise2265d ago

I considered writing about them, but it ended up as more of a top 5. And the other games just happened to be games I personally preferred

LX-General-Kaos2265d ago

The Nintendo 3DS will continue to lead the way and set an example for current and future hand held devices. As always Nintendo and third parties will provide unrivaled support and love for the 3DS and its gamers. I hope everyone enjoys AAA in the making Kid Icarus next month i believe.

rdgneoz32265d ago

"set an example for current and future hand held devices"

Which is why the starting price for the 3DS was slashed by like 40% after a few months and had a horrible lineup of games when the device first launched?

Though it did set an example for the Wii U, in that they (Nintendo) said they were gonna learn from their mistakes.

LX-General-Kaos2265d ago

Dont run from me when the vita slashes its price due to low sales. Sony isnt immune to the treatment.

JohnnyYuma2265d ago

"Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater (...) With graphical tweaks, 3D support, unique controls and Co-op". THAT'S GREAT!! One more title like that and I will buy a 3DS.

Capt-FuzzyPants2265d ago

Kingdom hearts looks amazing.that trailer from jump festa that was 8 minutes got me ready hyped. Playing as sora again is gonna be great. It's not long until it comes out in japan too.

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