Crave: Jak and Daxter Collection Review

Crave Online: This week saw the release of the Jak & Daxter Collection. The collection contains the original Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3, all remastered in high definition with added Trophy support to boot. It's not hard to recommend the package, whether you're a longtime Jak & Daxter fan like myself, or completely new to the franchise. This trilogy makes up one of the PlayStation 2-era's shiniest beacons, and getting to revisit it now, over a decade since the original game's release, has been an amazingly nostalgic trip.

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Ilovetheps42348d ago

Such fun games. I can't wait until I get the money and time to play these games. I loved them back on the PS2.

thedude442348d ago

jak on psp was great too.

BoNeSaW232348d ago

No it wasn't dude. It was a Horrible attempt to carry on the franchise. It blew monkey balls and everybody knows it.

clearelite2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

So getting this game as I barely had a chance to play them on Ps2.
Also looks like they are probably working on a brand new release for the PS3!

SquidBuck2348d ago

Naughty Dog said they thought about making Jak 4 for PS3, but they wanted to make TLOU instead. Well probably see more of Jak and Daxter on the PS4.

001852348d ago

Simply the best platformers I've ever played.

badz1492348d ago

I got to get this! I heard so many good things about it and this collection becomes irresistible! TM can wait till I Platinum all Jak!

001852346d ago

As much as I love R&C, I would say yes. More exploration & less shooting. It's only perfect.

cr33ping_death2348d ago

already got my platinum for The Precursor Legacy :-)

cr33ping_death2348d ago

wow apparently someone's been looking through my window..... creepy. how funny someone disagreed with that :-)