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A review of Malicious for PSN written by Karl Koebke of "A unique presentation and stage design as well as fast frantic controls make this a steal at about 10 dollars" - Karl Koebke

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swirldude2261d ago

This review of Malicious is not very malicious. I like that.

sinncross2261d ago

THe PSV version of Malicious includes bonus content so if the PS3 version is pretty good then I think I will wait for the PSV one.

Game looks great: I think Sony should get a license with the developers to create PSN titles like this.

naznatips2261d ago

I had no idea this game existed till I read this. Interesting looking.

Runa2162261d ago

how did I not know about this game?!

izumo_lee2260d ago

The game is over 2 years old now, it is finally good to see they are bringing this over. Though i do know that the game is technically like Shadow of the Colossus in which you basically fight bosses & their grunts. That may appeal to a few of us, i hope not cause from what i have seen of the game it looks really fun & frantic.

HaVoK3082260d ago

Wonder if it's gonna get a release on PSN USA Store.