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“And ever we fight on” – Joris De Man, Killzone 3: The official Soundtrack (Available now on the PlayStation Store)

How many of you have played Killzone 3 and upon hearing this were excited for the experience that was to come? It is amazing to think that for that brief period of time you believed you were in for an epic story concerning a few soldiers in enemy territory with nowhere to run. The reality, unfortunately, was almost entirely nothing like you hoped for. I am not saying Killzone 3 is a bad game and by no means is this a review. I am just saying that the music outdone the script in terms of technicality and execution.

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Colwyn2318d ago

awesome music. i like killzone 2 music also

MastaMold2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Both games have great soundtracks but i'm tried of the agreement of Killzone 3 not being as good as Killzone 2 when Killzone 3 has better gameplay and graphics both games have good stories, as a die hard Killzone fan this game series its my go to FPS both games are great in my book and I hope Sony brings out Killzone 4 for PS4

kneon2317d ago

KZ3 was in many ways a better game that KZ2, but I still prefer KZ2. I really liked the dark gritty feel of KZ2, it seemed to capture the feeling of being in a war better.

mayberry2317d ago

Great music, great games! Thanks GG!

tigertron2317d ago

Awesome music, but in terms of actual gameplay and features: Killzone 2>>>>Killzone 3.

r212317d ago

man, the theme song is so emotionally engaging. its kinda sad. and the title, 'and ever we fight on'. perfectly describes the song and the game :'D

Ultr2317d ago

The Killzone soundtrack must be one of the best soundtracks of all time!
I hope the story-pacing is better in Killzone 4! cuz I love the Universe!

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