Call of Duty ELITE: Friend or Foe?


"By now most people, have hopped off the fence and decided whether or not they are prepared to spend the money on Call of Duty’s ELITE service.

For those of you who have been living in a cave for the last few months and don’t know what ELITE is, it’s a service from Activision that gives Call of Duty players their online stats (similar to Waypoint), community features, and ‘free’ DLC.

I will start off by explaining why I put the word ‘free’ in inverted commas, although it should be pretty obvious: the truth is that it’s not actually free, is it? You pay a yearly subscription that gives you access to it when available."

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gaminoz2073d ago

I know they are trying to push people into Elite, but they really should release the maps for individual purchase on XBLA or PSN.

It can be hard finding local matches on those new maps.

Proeliator2073d ago

I don't even play MW3 because I have to be in the mood for it... I can't imagine paying for a "subscription" for DLC.

Eske2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

I don't share any of the author's issues with Elite. My problems stem more from the costs of the individual map packs (which seems to be what they based Elite's cost from).

$15 is too much for a map pack. And it's certainly not worth paying for 4 of them months and months ahead of time, which is what Elite asks of you.

What guarantees do we have that they'll deliver all that content? None. Features that were supposed to be available for day 1 didn't make it into Elite's release, why give them money with the expectation that they'll meet their deadlines with the rest of the DLC?

I do agree that aside from the map packs, the rest of the content doesn't merit paying for. Some of the features are nice, but they're either too similar to content that other games provide for free, or completely superfluous.

Take out that content, and you're just paying for overpriced map packs in advance. No thanks.

BadCircuit2073d ago

Agreed. It does seem like a way to force people to pre-pay for ALL the map packs. This months' skyscraper one looks naff compared to the stellar first two.

Oschino19072072d ago (Edited 2072d ago ) You should check this site out cause you obviously know bascially jack squat about elite outside of it having an OPTIONAL premium service and the dlc being part of that....

ELITE is a great (FREE) deal for anyone who plays COD regularly and premium service is awesome for any serious or daily players. I bet the people winning Jeeps and some of the other $100k+ worth of prizes so far sure think elite is useless also...

ELITE wasn't designed to personally please you or any other overly self entitled players, it has stuff for anyone and everyone that wishes to take advantage of and use.

Eske2070d ago

I thought that it went without saying that I was talking about the paid plan, not the free services.

Personally, I don't care about jeeps or the other prizes, as I wouldn't likely be winning any. I'd wager my winnings wouldn't cover the cost of Elite's premium.

So yes, I still think it's not for me. I don't have any qualms about others taking the plunge, but my issues with it are subjective, legitimate, and they're the reason that I wont be subscribing.

Belgavion2073d ago

I've had MW3 sealed on my shelf since release week. True story.

BadCircuit2073d ago

If you like being told to "hurry up" and "this way" and "follow" all the time, then go ahead. Lots of pretty explosions though.

At least the environments are diverse. It isn't all New York and Russia...

h311rais3r2073d ago

I miss the days o halo 2 where 5 bux got u 8 maps

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