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Fable over time

With the passage of time comes change. Time makes the car run slower, the children bigger, and allows technology to advance and grow. The same is true for the gaming industry. Series have been created and scrapped, consoles have come and gone. Within the coming year, the next generation of gaming stations will make their debut. Let’s see how time has affected certain parts of the industry, focusing on a series that players both know and (Fable, PC, Xbox, Xbox 360)

vishant101  +   890d ago
IF peter spent as much time hyping his games up to actually build the games he would create one of the best if not the best rpg's around fable has huge potential they need to re boot the series go back in time between fable 1 and 2 there is freaking 500 years of lore build on that give us a trilogy based on one character make our actions affect the games in the series afterwards and god save albion
Rowland  +   890d ago
Agree with that. Fable is decent enough but the hype leading up to Fable 1 led us to believe this was going to blow the likes of Elder Scrolls: Morrowind out of the water but what we got was a bit of a goofy & cartoony Wii game !

Such a wasted opportunity to be great as Peter Molyneux had the potential to develop an RPG game & series that could have sat happily alongside or even bettered the likes of Elder Scrolls/Witcher/Fallout etc.
Stansolo  +   890d ago
I have loved fable over time but I can't stop thinking that so much more could of gone it fable.

Here's a few gripes I have got with the game. Why is it that every ones character looks the same (needed more character customisation), all of the chairs in fable and you couldn't even sit down. Needed more interaction
with things in the game. Oh yeah and when I buy my own house I want to be able to close the door to keep the pesents out, I don't want an audience when I'm having sex with the wife....lol.
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