Does the Vita really need backwards compatibility?

Sony has recently announced that the PlayStation Vita will support 275 PSP titles at launch. This news made a lot of consumers angry. People are mad due to the fact that they have to repurchase games over again. Consumers are forgetting the essential thing about buying a new gaming system. It has its own games. Baltimore gamers should pick up the Vita to play new titles.

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-Mika-2349d ago

Yes and no. Some people don't own a psp like me and i really wanted to play Birth by sleep, Star ocean, Phantasy star and crises core. Sadly those games aren't on the psn store.

The vita wiil have a drought period just like the 3ds so i would like to play alot of psp games until the vita get some games again. So Sony really need to contact devs to try to make every psp title available on the psn store.

MaxXAttaxX2348d ago

Backwards compatibility is a great bonus though.

dcortz20272348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

You don't own a PSP yet? That is your own fault. They are only like $129. If you really wanted to play those games then you would have owned a PSP by now. I'm getting a PS Vita to play PS Vita games, not PSP games. But, full backwards compatibility would be nice though, and I hope Sony some how makes it happen.

Outside_ofthe_Box2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

"get a psp "

Ummm no... Look, backwards compatibility should be standard. I agree that if you have a psp keep your psp, but people shouldn't be forced to buy a psp to play psp games when buying the successor to the psp should have backwards compatibility.

Now, I'm NOT saying that BC should be a deal breaker as that is not the reason why you are buying a NEW handheld in the first place. But like Mika said there are people that don't own a PSP, but would like to play some PSP classics and by standard I should be able to play and buy psp games for the vita. I really hope sony can find a solution for this.

smashcrashbash2348d ago

That is why downloading them is an option. Sony has no obligation to connect PSP to the VITA at all. Other systems have completely dropped BC and it never stopped anyone from buying the systems or complaining that they have to download the older games again instead of the system just having a slot for the older games.

Sony gave us an outlet if you want PSP games and if people don't want to use it, fine.In business if you try to please everyone you will end up pleasing no one.Running to try and please people who want to play old UMDs instead of buying their new games, which is what they should be concentrating on, is counter productive.

In short Sony has no obligation to do anything and they could have easily dropped PSP support completely and said 'screw you. Buy the new ones'. Other people have dumped support for their last systems with new consoles and made you pay for them with downloads and I don't see people giving them this much grief.

More people would have probably brought the Wii if it had slots for SNES, Gamecube and N64 games so i could still play my old Gamecube games on it but I don't see Nintendo rushing to build something to do that or people begging them to do it.If you owned a company would you really be so generous? Why go through more expense to build a UMD running devices when you could still sell PSPs AND sell the VITA plus any PSP downloads?

Outside_ofthe_Box2348d ago

The thing is not all PSP games are available for download... That is the issue here.

knifefight2348d ago

Actually, when you say "that's why downloading them is an option," it's sometimes not.

You should be aware that some of the PSP's best games (Birth by Sleep and Crisis Core among them) are not available for download.

Relientk772349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Would more people buy the Vita then? Yes. In my opinion it does backwards compatibility. If Sony wants to sell more Vitas that would be the smart thing to do.

Silly gameAr2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

BC shouldn't be the deciding factor of rather people purchase a Vita or not. Like Kight said, keep your PSP handy. If BC is the only thing holding people back from buying a Vita, you know, a NEW HANDHELD that offers brand new gaming experiences, then I can't help but question the guys with the issue as to why don't they skip the Vita and keep just keep their PSP's.


Kamikaze1352349d ago

It doesn't "need" anything, besides being able to play Vita games smoothly. Extra features provide an even larger incentive, which in turn, lead to more sales.

LX-General-Kaos2349d ago

Most people will that the it is not needed with the vita. Just as its supposedly not needed with the PS3. I would love to see it in the vita and dont believe i should have to have two psps to play older games.

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