6 Ways Mass Effect 3 Can Still Fail

Steven Schneider: I'm starting to worry myself. In between fits of whispering "Garrus" to the shadows or waking up to find myself playing Mass Effect 2 unconsciously, I'm beginning to think I'm a little tooexcited for Mass Effect 3.
Then's Mass Effect 3. This is a game I've been waiting for since 2007: it's the end for Commander Shepard, for the Council, for the Reapers. I've never seen a series so dedicated to its story (sorry, Metal Gear), and that's why I love it. I've made the choices, I've killed the giant evil bugs, and I've punched the reporters. Everything I've done is building up to this one, final fight against an enemy that kills off the entire galaxy when it feels like it.

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FrightfulActions2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

"Those who have seen the intro of the game know that he and Shepard seem to have some history, but that's it."

Interesting Info: The Dark Horse comic "Mass Effect: Conviction" is the introduction piece that supposedly shows how the two know each other. Basically, James was picked to be the one to escort Shepard, in handcuffs. Shepard was a prisoner at the time due to his 'terrorist' war crime of blowing up the Mass Relay that took the lives of some 300 thousand Batarians.

I could be wrong on some of these facts, I haven't read the comic in a while, but pretty sure that's what was happening.

That being said, I find the authors comments and views on the Rachni queen to be really... disgusting. Lol. It's nice there's a game out there that has me feeling anything for its story characters though. Looking forward to March.

Xyle2168d ago

Oh look... Another negative mass effect 3 article. hey Steven... How about you wait till the game comes out before saying how the game will fail. I fuckin hate articles like this. Get a real job

49erguy2168d ago

He makes a few good points though. It would suck if James is just some random grunt with no personality or my choices in the past 2 games don't carry as much weight as I'd have hoped. God forbid the ending hold no weight or I see it coming. He's obviously a fan man. It's just a "what if" sort of thing cause there is a small possibility that one of these things can happen.