Video games 'more creative than reading'

Middle-class parents should not be afraid of letting their children play computer games because the experience is more creative than reading, one of the country's leading playwrights claimed yesterday.

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Chaostar2172d ago

Their just afraid there kids will be dumb, they're's nothing to fear... I played video games instead of reading and I turned out just fine.

Your not gonna end up illiterate because of you're love of gamings.


Son_Lee2172d ago

Your grammatical errors prove otherwise.

coolbeans2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Not sure if your comment is serious. Did you pick up that it was a joke?

aCasualGamer2172d ago

One thing i think gaming is suffering from is that kids loose focus on pretty much everything but gaming. It ends up consuming too much of their time. That's where the problem lies, not that children shouldn't play games, but that they should play moderately. If they play too frequently and don't care about anything else, then it's gonna have an effect on their social health and their ability to develop mentally.

Even though, we'd like to think that it's good because we ourselves play often, doesn't mean it's true. Alot of gamers suffer from social and health problems. That's sad considering how much fun it is to game.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2172d ago

Those errors were too consistent to be anything but deliberate.

dcbronco2171d ago

CasualGamer the key IMO is that parents don't have the time to spend with their kids. I think the fact that most kids have two working parents now limits what the kids can do. If parents were there to push a little more variety things would probably be different. People like to blame games because they would never blame it on money hungry slave driving corporations that are the real problem.

aCasualGamer2170d ago


I agree with you on parents needing to spend more time with their children. It is the capitalistic plague that's destroying not only the foundation of a great society but also the relationships in a family. Two parents being forced to work full time to earn enough money so they can pay their mortgage or rent is beyond evil. Slavery still exists today, as you pointed out.

But i'd still say that kids play too much. I mean, gamers are unhealthy because of the inactivity. Obesity is a big problem in todays society. If gamers played games and played sports, equally, then their would be no problem. But sitting infront of the PC or 360/PS3 all day online on COD isn't healthy. Even though parents are busy, i think they should regulate the amount of time their kids spend on gaming.

I agree with you, though. Parents should spend more time with their children when they are home. Play the games that your kids are playing, while still managing to regulate that time and also go outside to stimulate more physical activities.

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Son_Lee2172d ago

Obviously I now see that this comment is a joke that I did not catch at first. Now I look like the stupid one. I apologize.

Chaostar2172d ago

Damn my subtlety! Think nothing of it sir.

kneon2172d ago


The problem is not your subtlety, the problem is that horrendous spelling and grammar are not atypical on internet forums.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2172d ago

And then I see your reply.
I'll try to stop feeling like a big dummy later.

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SilentNegotiator2171d ago

If it's a game like LBP, Minecraft, etc where the player interacts with the world in a creative way, I'm sure it can be just as enriching as some books.

And hey, what are kids reading these days? Harry Potter? Twilight? Eh......heck, maybe COD is more enriching. lol

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Son_Lee2172d ago

I don't read (books, even though I always try) and I turned out quite good. I'm an avid writer and I have an extensive vocabulary thanks to all my time with RPGs and the Metal Gear franchise. And hey, you learn without even realizing it half of the time while playing a game.

Not to mention the eye-hand coordination.

Lex_Dangerously 2172d ago

*well* not good. ;)

I'm just teasing! I swear I'm not one of those jerks. Lol

jthamind2172d ago

sorry, but the writer is out of touch with the current gaming industry. this isn't Zork--most of the reading today in video games is either subtitles or menu text. there's no real imagination involved, just "LOOK AT THIS EXPLOSION AND ALL THIS BLOOD."

even the more artistic games like Shadow of the Colossus and Flower can't compete with sitting down and engrossing yourself in a book as far as stimulating your mind.

video games can be amazing, but they're not really a substitute for reading. two different things.

Lord_Sloth2172d ago

I disagree. Parasite Eve helped me pass a 7th grade test on the Mitochondria that I just couldn't get my head around otherwise.

Stimulating the imagination and intellect depends upon the person playing and the games being played. What you take away from any experience is up to you. No medium is more or less artistic than any other.

Son_Lee2172d ago

Parasite Eve is one of the reasons I'm a medical major. No joke.

jthamind2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

i understand what you're saying, but i still respectfully disagree. i do agree with your last sentence, though, but as far as the stimulation of the mind...i've read hundreds of books and played hundreds of games, and i've never played a game that stimulated my intellect like a book can. as far as your example...that's just one example and doesn't speak for the entirety of the comparison. also, it's still the game showing you or telling you something, even if you are learning from it.

yes, games can occasionally make you think, they can give you ideas, they can even teach you. but still...they're ultimately just showing you something while you play along. books open up your imagination and creativity completely so that you basically create the scene yourself. your mind and intellect are like the GPU rendering the scenes. it's not that video games are a lesser medium that books in general, they're just a lesser medium in THAT specific sense. in turn, there are also things video games do better than books, and things movies do better than books or games.

VirtualSamadhi2172d ago


QuodEratDemonstrandm2172d ago

I've also heard of people having their interest in history spurred by Assassin's Creed. I know I've poked around looking up the Pazzi and the Barbarigo families. Francesco was eviscerated when he hung from the Signoria.
Which is why Rinaldo Pazzi was, too. Hannibal Lecter killed him the same way his ancestor died.

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Lord_Sloth2172d ago

I can respect that, but as an artist I tend to absorb the visuals much more. I draw a lot (yes, my own works) and the artistic and imaginative sides of video games and anime get me pumped to do so.

I've never responded well to books though. Read a few great ones (Dragonlance saga) but still.

Rowland2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

@jthamind: good point well made.

+ bubble for you

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Spydiggity2172d ago

There is nothing creative about passively reading or playing most video games. Unless you're playing a game like Minecraft or Gary's mod.

KimoNoir2172d ago

Video games steer the mind from reading with fear of boredom. In reality, if these kids do become that way... (Which many do and end up still living with their moms and working at a grocery store.) they wont find the skill of studying to achieve higher knowledge profession jobs.

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