Gotham City Impostors Review – Call of Duty: Gotham Warfare (PikiGeek)

From the loading icon of a small animated Batman imposter in suit and tie, to the fact that you can tie beach balls to your shoes for a double jump, Gotham City Impostors is devilishly amusing. If you’re a fan of modern shooters, you’ll feel right at home with the deep weapon customization. If you’re a fan of class-based cartoonish violence, it’s hard not to appreciate the clever home-brewed gadgets. It sounds like the game mixes ingredients from both popular subgenres, but a lot ends up left out of the recipe.

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hiredhelp2324d ago

Gotham City Impostors looks and feels like a unique arcade title, but ultimately plays like a cartoonish Call of Duty.

WOW this getting too much now anything with a gun and MP people have to try to compare it to call of bloody duty,
Wakeup call there was games before cod hit consoles..