1up: How Grand Theft Auto V Could Crib From Its Past to be Rockstar's Biggest Game.

Chris Pereira: We are now more than three months removed from Rockstar's confirmation that (surprise!) Grand Theft Auto V is in development. Aside from what was yielded by the days spent dissecting the premiere trailer after its release, new information has been impossible to come by as Rockstar has returned to being characteristically silent about what it has in the works. That has, however, left us with plenty of time to ponder what GTA V may have in store for gamers and how many of its key features could be enhanced versions of ideas seen in Rockstar games past.

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MariaHelFutura2231d ago

I have very high hopes for GTAV. I'm expecting/hoping its going to be like GTA:SA w/ the shooting mechanics and physics of GTAIV. Which is exciting.

Ezio20482231d ago

whatever it will be like (GTA V), i know it will be the best game of that year!!

Hydrolex2229d ago

GTA IV was a good game ! but it was a game that once was beaten, you'd be done with it unlike San Andreas... played San Andreas for a long time

JhawkFootball062229d ago

I just keep thinking about the possibilities if they waited until next gen. We've seen what this gen can provide. Just imagine if it was a launch game for the ps4 and xbox 720.. There would be sooo much of a "wow" factor in it. Kinda like when this gen began and the first few games I played I was mind blown.

BattleTorn2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

What I find even more exciting is what other R* games they could take from.

Floura from Red Dead Redemption.
Physics, and shooting from Max Payne.
Similar Story-telling and acting from LA Noire.

They've had quite a bit of practice focusing on various, particular aspects in other releases.

Not all the other games' features won't be represented in GTAV in their entirety, but I have no doubt that R*'s other work will reflected in GTAV.

GraveLord2230d ago

Car physics were great in IV.
Niko physics like jumping and running were a step down from San Andreas IMO. More realistic? Yes. But this is a video game, realism isn't always the best thing.

Pushagree2230d ago

What "past" are they talking about? GTA IV shattered sales records when it came out. Just more nostalgic elitists I guess...

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JohnnyMann4202230d ago

So this article really doesn't give any ideas that haven't already discussed and they missed a crap ton of other obvious assessments.

It took 1up 3 months to write a speculative article that is not very long and barely extends itself.

Psychotica2229d ago

"Could crib from its past" - Is that english?

Ramses32229d ago

Which idiot designed the website so that the comments block the article?