Destructoid: Dream games we'd like to see Kickstarted into reality

Double Fine's attempt at securing funding for an adventure game that everybody seemingly wants has resulted in a massive crowdsourcing success story in less than a day. It sure didn't hurt that you could basically pre-order a game you trusted to be good, made by the people who are icons in their genre, for the price of what the game would likely end up being. Even if Double Fine Adventure ends up being $10 when it's released, you receive an intriguing insight into its development for an extra $5.

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CrimsonEngage2231d ago

A new Road Rash would be great. Even if it's for Xbox live arcade or on the PS store. Please? D:

MariaHelFutura2231d ago

A new Bushido Blade is my dream game. Big open enviroments, online, decapitations and dismemberment.

Cajun Chicken2231d ago

I would donate to an MDK3.

Moncole2231d ago

I would like to see Mother 4 on the Wii U or 3DS

pandehz2230d ago

If they announce a Freespace 3. I would pre-order before it even starts development.

Homeworld 3 and Mirrors Edge 2 would be great additions to the game industry. Hope they take their time and make it in the future.