DigitalFoundry: Final Fantasy 13-2 Face-Off

Final Fantasy 13 remains a technical marvel on PS3, but also a relative disappointment for Xbox 360 users who tolerated comparably worse performance, lower native resolution, and sub-par video quality for cut-scenes. The arrival of Final Fantasy 13-2 two years later brings with it a promise of change, where factoring in the development of both versions from the very start addresses many of these criticisms, but the question is whether console parity can be a reality this time around.

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izumo_lee2347d ago

This is something i absolutely hate about this gen, is these stupid comparison sites trying to start a flame war between supporters of said console.

Personally i do not care if a game is slightly better than the other in visuals or whatever. It was so much more peaceful before we got any of these sites like 'face-off' or 'lens of truth'. We just played the games for what they were regardless of platform.

I could go on forever but that would just waste my time & yours.

Knight_Cid2347d ago

parity? its never happened. Even in the snes genesis era............

street fighter was better on the snes

aladdin was better on the genesis

NukaCola2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Jurassic Park on Sega Genesis
Jurassis Park on SNES

^^^These two games are not even the same. One was an open world adventure with FPS elements and the other was a side scroller similar to Contra with a raptor mode.

Those were the days.

PirateThom2347d ago

Aladdin didn't even have the same developer...

But this happened a lot back in those days, they took advantage of console hardware. There were very few straight ports between the consoles.

Games are too expensive to produce to really do that now though, but it doesn't excuse lack of optimisation.

Scuzzlebutt2347d ago

DF loves the 360, so it must pain them to pick the PS3. For the first game you can practically hear the author sobbing while he was making excuses.

PirateThom2347d ago

I remember it well. It was the first and only time Digital Foundary were trying to give out development tips. It was like they couldn't believe the 360 just couldn't run the game properly.

I also remember when the screenshots came out and Square Enix had just put 360 buttons onto PS3 screenshots.

TheGrimReaper2347d ago

Well there is only one thing they should mention: XIII-2 on 360 looks better than XIII on 360. BUT XIII-2 on PS3 looks worse than XIII on PS3.
Parity is a good thing but I question the methods SquareEnix used to reach this goal with XIII-2.