Mean Gentlemen: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

To say a divide was created amongst fans by Final Fantasy XIII would be an understatement; the linearity and story-focussed gameplay with an almost non-existant exploration factor sent many a Final Fantasy fan reeling. Not to mention the game was very difficult to access, even I cannot defend the tedious open quarter of the game despite loving XIII – the diamonds hidden behind the rough were never seen by many who could not stomach the sluggish ten to fifteen hours that preceded them. Square Enix knew well of the potential chaos XIII had created for the franchise and as a result have seen fit to rectify the situation and heal the wounds they inflicted two years ago. XIII-2 is the manifestation of that realisation: a far more traditional iteration in the skin of its predecessor. With a far stronger emphasis on exploration, discovery and investigation, XIII-2 ‘feels’ far more like the games that came before XIII in that there’s real adventuring to be doing without relying so heavily on the combat system.

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