UFC Undisputed 3 Review []

GamingUnion: "When the UFC, THQ and Yuke's rebooted virtual mixed martial arts in 2009, they were able to successfully translate the strategic depth, complexity and sheer brutality that is the Ultimate Fighting Championship into the realm of gaming. After the somewhat underwhelming follow-up, UFC Undisputed 2010, the group smartly decided to take a year off, reflect and ensure the series didn't overstay its welcome right away. This two-year development cycle has ultimately resulted in UFC Undisputed 3."

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tweex2322d ago

I might give this a shot, but I've never been a fan of UFC.

Hardedge2322d ago

Good that they're keeping things up to snuff. I stopped playing sports games a long time ago because they were just redoing the same game every year...

mephman2322d ago

It's a shame they couldn't do more with the extra time, but it's still a good game.

gigreen2322d ago

What more could they have done? They already packed in tons of new stuff, Pride mode is a like an extra game for free...